Jennifer Aniston, Tobey Maguire, Meg Ryan! The Fashion Week Party You Wish You Went To

Monday evening, the most celeb-packed event in town may not have been the photographer-infested Marc Jacobs show, but an all-but-unpublicized affair across town that took place concurrently—we can only assume this was intentional, in hopes that the fashion machine would be otherwise occupied—on far West 31st Street, where David Arquette and Ben Harper were launching their organic clothing line, Propr, at a bash that doubled as Mr. Arquette’s birthday party.

There was no red carpet, no flashbulbs. We stepped into the freight elevator, and as it was about to close, in popped Meg Ryan, in jeans and black corduroy blazer. She stood there awkwardly while everyone tried to pretend that Meg Ryan hadn’t just stepped into the elevator. (Note: Her face looked much less scary in person than it has in her last few movies).

Upstairs, there was no clothing immediately in evidence, and no models, but there was a buffet featuring macaroni and meatloaf, and a bunch of people milling about sipping red wine, almost none of whom we recognized from other fashion shows this week. Toby Maguire snaked through the crowd, unmolested. Laura Dern, Mr. Harper’s wife, chatted with Ms. Ryan. Eventually we glimpsed one photo shoot in progress, in the corner of the loft, directed by Mr. Harper himself. A lone model stood in a red dress against a screen, swaying in a wind machine. After some time she was joined by a man in a plaid shirt. This was a new and interesting way of presenting a clothing line! But clothes weren’t really the focus here.

Nearby, a small stage was set up, from which Mr. Harper was to eventually entertain the crowd. Alas, we were late to the Marc Jacobs show. On our way out, the elevator opened and there stood Jennifer Aniston, in jeans, expectant and smiling. Of course!

“Hi!” she cried, and rushed past us into the elevator.

Jennifer Aniston, Tobey Maguire, Meg Ryan! The Fashion Week Party You Wish You Went To