Joel Schumacher Buys $1.3 M. Fifth Avenue Shelter From Critics’ Barbs

Joel Schumacher. The 69-year-old director’s bubblegum 1997 film Batman & Robin was so viciously mindless (“That’s right, Dick. I want them so much, I can taste it”) that his Wikipedia page gives one paragraph on his legendary ’80s brat pack films, one on his Grisham films (including The Client), then six paragraphs on B&R. His following work is squished under the header “Post-Batman”; the section on Schumacher parodies has seven paragraphs.

Even the New York City Department of Finance’s Office of the City Register apparently has something against him: The city deed for his new apartment, bought late last month, repeatedly misspells Mr. Schumacher’s surname as Shumacher, leaving out the second letter.

On the bright side, Mr. Schumacher has a new $1.36 million apartment at 25 Fifth Avenue, the building where Jean-Michel Basquiat’s estate bought a slightly more expensive spread earlier this year. According to floor plans, the filmmaker’s condo has 790 square feet and a 19-foot-long bedroom and living room overlooking Fifth.

In a home-shopping-related New York Times profile in 2000, which says he left the city for Los Angeles two decades earlier, the filmmaker declares he likes “everything not to be perfect, so people can spill things. I hate precious decoration.” He picks up, puts down, then buys a $300 African mask, and bargains over a medallion ornament for his California fireplace and iron clothes pegs for his guest bedroom.

His upcoming film, Creek, is reportedly about two brothers who are victimized by an occult Nazi-connected experiment; vampires may or may not be involved. His last films were the Jim Carrey vehicle The Number 23 and The Phantom of the Opera.

Joel Schumacher Buys $1.3 M. Fifth Avenue Shelter From Critics’ Barbs