Landlord Replaces Unwanted French Bistro With, Um, French Bistro

Back in March, this reporter was dismayed to discover that charming restaurateur Toney Edwards had finally lost his long, drawn-out legal fight to protect his beloved French bistro Le Madeleine from the wrecking ball.

Landlord Mark Scharfman was reportedly planning to tear down the single-story structure on West 43rd Street and replace it with a multi-story residential building.

Now, adding insult to injury, I come to find out, via the blog Lost City, that Mr. Scharfman has installed a new tenant in Le Madeleine’s place — specifically, another French bistro called Le Petit Un Deux Trois. Incroyable!

“…it has to make you wonder by the landlord insisted on kicking Le Madeleine to the curb. Was it personal between the landlord and the restaurant owner, Tony Edwards, who always insisted Scharfman couldn’t legally tear the building down. Did the economy foil Scharfman’s plans? Or maybe Un Deux Trois just offered more money.”