Laura Bush and Cindy McCain to Speak Tonight, But Without Segue Music

On a conference call just now, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said that Laura Bush and Cindy McCain will make brief remarks during the Republican National Convention this afternoon and that Governor Sarah Palin had arrived in St. Paul.

“Governor Palin is in town, she got in last night,” said Davis, who also said that she had no public schedule. “She is working on her speech.”

Davis said that the first lady would introduce Cindy McCain after the official business of the delegates had taken place, at around 4:50 p.m., and that both their remarks would conclude about 20 minutes later.

“In keeping with the nonpolitical” nature of the day’s events, Davis said, there would be no dramatic music or videos between the two speeches.

The first lady gave an unofficially political speech at a delegate breakfast this morning.