Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Continue to Milk Their Reality-Based Fame at Nanette Lapore

Wednesday morning’s Nanette Lepore show was rather lightly attended. Standing-area guests were moved into prime second and third row seating as the show was about to begin; the most notable guest we spotted was the silver-haired John Slattery from Mad Men. Alas, Mr. Slattery was not up for talking, but Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves, sitting a few seats away from him was more than willing. (Ms. Reeves seems to have been everywhere this Fashion Week.)

“I’m going to shows of the designers I know and love,” said Ms. Reeves, who said she will also be attending the Marchesa presentation. “With the Emmys coming up, this is sort of like fantasy shopping for me.

“Nanette is someone who on a daily basis I am pulling out of my closet. Even Mrs. Ari on the show has worn Nanette,” she added. 

Speaking of Mrs. Ari, we wondered what Ms. Reeves thought of her character’s fashion sensibilities. 

“She’s Chanel head-to-toe at a soccer game, but at the same time she doesn’t look too over the top,” she replied. “It’s very natural on her.”

Just as we were chatting up Ms. Reeves, we almost got knocked down by a stampede of photographers rushing over to the other side of the room. Was it Uma? J.Lo? Michelle Trachtenberg again

No, it was all for The HillsLauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth—who were, perhaps befittingly, seated in the same row as Julia Allison

But given the lack of other noteworthy guests, we decided to settle for The Hills girls in the hopes that they could at least spill about Whitney Port‘s new internship at Diane von Furstenberg

Ms. Bosworth was wearing a hot pink fitted dress, chewing gum and playing with her hair. “Can we just, like, move this way?” she asked the photographers snapping her photos. (She was not obliged.)

A USA Today reporter asked the duo how they choose their clothes every day, given the constant cameras surrounding them. 

“You can’t buy small prints, white, or too much black,” said Ms. Conrad, who was wearing a light blue dress. She told the Daily Transom that Ms. Lepore’s show is the only one she and Ms. Bosworth plan on attending.

“We love Nanette,” said Ms. Bosworth, sounding unconvinced.

As they talked, Ms. Conrad noticed that her friend had a strand of her blond hair out of place and impulsively reached her hand to the top of Ms. Bosworth’s head to fix it.

We asked what they thought of Ms. Port venturing out into her own reality television show. 

“We’re very proud of her, but we’re not really supposed to talk about it,” said Ms. Conrad. “We get into trouble when we talk too much.” 

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Continue to Milk Their Reality-Based Fame at Nanette Lapore