Levi Johnston at R.N.C., Ruben Diaz Praises Palin

Sarah Palin speaks today. [Reuters]

And Levi Johnston will be here! [A.P.]

Palin’s lawyer is trying to get the investigation into the firing of her former brother-in-law called off. [T.P.M.]

Palin, apparently, may couse some problems with Jewish voters. [Politico]

McCain aides say Palin was not vetted particularly well, and John McCain did not know about her daughter’s pregnancy. [Washington Post]

McCain once criticized Palin’s earmarks. [L.A. Times

Ed Cox thinks Palin will appeal to upstate Republicans. [Politics on the Hudson]

She certainly appeals to Democratic State Senator Ruben Diaz of the Bronx. [City Room]

Franklin Foer thinks George W. Bush’s speech-by-satellite was a mistake. [The Plank]

Dick Cheney is in Azerbaijan, which could probably be located on a map by a very small percentage of Americans. [L.A. Times]

A progressive blogger says Paul Newell is the stronger of Sheldon Silver’s two primary opponents. [The Albny Project]

Ron Paul seems to be having a better convention than McCain. [CNN]

Barack Obama has two dads? [T.M.Z.]


Levi Johnston at R.N.C., Ruben Diaz Praises Palin