Lineup for September 24th, 2008

Do financial reporters care what the candidates think, wonders Felix Gillette. “Few in the world of financial reporting found much to say about either Mr. McCain or Senator Barack Obama’s responses to the unfolding crisis that week. After all, should business reporters really care more about Mr. McCain’s ‘commission of technicians’ than, say, Henry Paulson’s plans for the largest bailout in American history or, say, the sudden, radical end of the pure investment banks on Wall Street?”

John Koblin tracks how women’s magazines will be dealing with Sarah Palin. “Ladies Home Journal said it will absolutely cover Mrs. Palin—well, absolutely if she wins.”

Leon Neyfakh asks, “Is it time yet to start pulling together books about last week’s catastrophe on Wall Street?” Apparently! “Publishers are uneasy about making plans too soon, but the city’s finest financial journalists—and their literary agents—are eager to get moving.”

Plus: Simon Doonan Gets MarriedClay Felker’s MemorialCandace Bushnell’s Latest.