Look Out New York! I Am Legend Returns

Uh oh. Last December we wrote about how much I am Legend freaked us out (seriously, we think the workout our heart got during the film qualifies as aerobic activity). The movie, based on the 1954 Richard Matheson book and starring Will Smith, laid out a vision of New York City almost completely wiped out of humans after the spread of a virus (thanks a lot, Emma Thompson!). The movie left us wondering if we should move to an apple farm in Vermont or, at the very least, go ahead and get that German shepherd.  Since the film made $584 million dollars internationally, it’s probably not so surprising that Variety reports that Warner Brothers is going back to that scary well with a prequel (cause, um, remember the ending of I Am Legend?). Mr. Smith will play the same role of scientist Robert Neville, and director Francis Lawrence will be back to tell the story of the last days in New York.