Look Who’s On Top Design!

Here’s the thing about all these horribly addictive Bravo shows: even when you pretend like you’re not going to start watching them, they get you. Oh, how they get you! We had sort of made ourselves a little promise to limit the reality show watching to Project Runway and Top Chef. But then, of course, there’s Top Design (how come there’s no ‘see you later, decorator’ this time around?). And when it’s a Sunday afternoon, and not so nice outside, what can you do but watch how on earth these people are going to transform a bomb shelter (serious) into a peaceful and luxurious living space?

So we ended up catching up with the show this weekend (they’re only two episodes in), and we realize we’re a little late to the game, but we can’t help but feel like someone somewhere should have warned us that the attractive blonde contestant named Andrea (who totally won the bunker challenge!) is also known as Mrs. Rick Schroder. That’s right, Mrs. The Rickster! We took ourselves over to the Bravo site and discovered that Ms. Schroder is 36, Canadian (fascinating!), and is the owner of a real estate development and design company called – shockingly – Schroder Development (personally, we would have named it “Silver Spoons Together”). But wait, there’s more! She married Mr. Schroder when she was 18-years-old and he was 20! Which is kind of nuts, but it also means they’ve been married for more than half of her life, so… good for them! The couple currently live on a farm in the “Santa Monica Mountains” and have four children, three dogs, and “various farm animals”. We swear on all that is holy, we will not watch Shear Genius. Truly.