Luke Perry Ditches 90210 , Does Law & Order

We stopped watching the new 90210 after we tried to make it through the first episode and found even we (who happen to have a pretty high threshold for terrible television) couldn’t stomach the god-awfulness of it all. But! Apparently Dylan McKay, that wrinkly-headed dreaminess that was Luke Perry back in the day, is a name still being bandied about, because he’s the father or some such nonsense of Kelly’s (Jennie Garth) four-year-old son. Mr. Perry, who has said in so many words that wild horses couldn’t drag him into that mess, will however be showing up on TV after all, on the September 23rd season opener of Law & Order SVU. According to TV Guide, Mr. Perry will be playing a father accused of abusing his adopted child, and elsewhere Sara Gilbert (Roseanne) also shows up as a rape victim.