Mayor’s Office Demands Budget Cuts for All Agencies

The city’s budget director, Mark Page, just issued a memo to all agency heads calling for a 2.5 percent budget cut this year, and an additional five percent cut for fiscal year 2010. This includes fire fighters and police officers.

Plans for those budget cuts are due back to Page on October 8, according to the memo, which was also distributed to reporters by the mayor’s office.

“The target can be met by reductions in personal service costs or other than personal service costs and/or assured, recurring revenue actions,” Page wrote.

The memo includes figures for how much they hope each agency will cut from their budgets. The hope the NYPD cuts $94,667,000; the FDNY cuts $33,800,000; the Transportation Department cuts $11,942,000; and the mayor’s office cuts $1,702,000.