McGregor, Spacey and Bridges to Join Clooney in Psychic Iraq Movie

Now here’s a movie that we’re going to see! Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey are in negotiations to star opposite George Clooney in the new film The Men Who Stare at Goats, based on the book by the same name. Mr. Clooney is producing the film, while his long-time partner, actor Grant Heslov (we loved you in True Lies, Grant!) will handle the directing duties.

The plot sounds like a mixture of the Bourne movies and Fringe. A struggling, down-on-his-luck reporter (Mr. McGregor) meets a man who claims he’s a former military psychic soldier who was re-activated post-9/11 (Mr. Clooney). Predictably, the two go on a wild adventure through Iraq to find the truth about the psychic program that may or may not deal with soldiers bending spoons and exploding goats… with their minds!

Mr. Spacey plays another former psychic soldier who is running a prison camp. And of course, Mr. Bridges is the founder of the psychic soldier program, Mr. Clooney’s character’s mentor and, most likely, the bad guy.

We’d watch Mr. Clooney, Mr. Bridges and Mr. McGregor even if they were starring in a remake of Meet Dave, so the fact that this movie sounds pretty awesome has our interest piqued. And for Mr. Spacey, who’s been miscast as a leading man these past few years, maybe taking fourth billing in a George Clooney movie will be just what the doctor ordered.