M.I.A.’s New Clothing Line Looks Pretty Absurd [Read: Amazing]

mia M.I.A.s New Clothing Line Looks Pretty Absurd [Read: Amazing]Now that the eccentric, genre-bending British/Sri Lankan musician M.I.A. is really hitting the big time thanks to her clever sampling of a Clash song in her tune "Paper Planes," which recently blew up thanks to its inclusion on the Pineapple Express soundtrack, it’s time for the masses to start appropriating her equal-parts-absurd-and-amazing fashion sense. (Think of the brightest shades of neon you’ve ever seen. Sparkles galore. Sequinned aerobics pants with scrunchy socks. Lions and tigers wearing vintage early ’90s Cross Colors ensembles.) Idolator brings us a preview today of some of its favorite looks, which range from $65 to $210. But you can check out the full collection on M.I.A.’s Web site.