More on the de Rothschild-for-McCain ‘News’

Lynn de Rothschild’s endorsement of John McCain is being treated as big news by some outlets, with the hearty encouragement of the McCain campaign. But anyone who paid attention—and it was hard not to—to de Rothschild and others in the small-but-vocal group of defiant Hillary Clinton post-primary holdouts knows that she has been saying she planned to vote for McCain for weeks now, as she indicated when I interviewed her before the Democratic convention.

Yes, she’s charming and wealthy and makes for good copy. But this announcement itself, at this point, is simply not a big deal.

Somewhat more significant, if no less unexpected, is the fact that she’ll be doing a fund-raising dinner for McCain in October, and campaigning for him in swing states in the upcoming weeks. That’s according to one plugged-in Democratic fund-raiser I just spoke to.

The fund-raiser also told me that a number of Hillary Clinton supporters and staffers called de Rothschild yesterday begging her not to officially endorse John McCain. But she was determined, it seems, to do exactly what she said she would.