Morning Memo: Ivanka Trump vs. Howard Stern; Concerned Citizens to Save Katie Holmes; More Grubmans On the Way

Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee held an end-of-summer barbeque in Sagaponack, where Howard Stern played beer pong against Ivanka Trump[NYDN]

Levi Johnston, the young gentleman behind 17-year-old Bristol’s Palin’s pregnancy, has changed his Myspace status to “In A Relationship” but still seems a bit ambivalent about his new role. [US Weekly]

A group of “concerned citizens” calling themselves Anonymous plans to picket the opening night of Katie Holmes’s Broadway debut in All My Sons in an effort to “save” the actress. We wish them the best of luck. [The Scoop]

MSNBC is looking to glam up the already beloved Rachel Maddow before the premiere of her new prime time show. [P6]

Kanye West paid $15,000 for 50 pairs of Carrera sunglasses—and he didn’t even ask for a bulk discount! [Showbiz Spy]

Publicist and reckless driver Lizzie Grubman is expecting twins. [P6]