Morning Memo: Jessica Alba’s DNC Musings; Harsh, Anne Hathaway!; G Spa Closes

Jessica Alba did not approve of all the stars-and-stripes themed outfits at the Democratic National Convention, but still felt “fortunate” to be there. [Celebrity Myspace]

Bristol Palin and putative fiance Levi Johnston were sporting tattoos of each other’s names at the Republican National Convention last night.[US Weekly

Paris Hilton has canceled two screenings of Adrian Petty’s film “Paris, Not France” at the Toronto International Film Festival “in an attempt to gain more publicity for [the] new documentary about herself.” [P6]

Actress Anne Hathaway reportedly dumped conman boyfriend Raffaello Follieri over the phone six hours before he was arrested. [US Weekly]  

Not shockingly , the symptoms of actor David Duchovny‘s sex addiction included cheating on wife Tea Leoni. [NYDN

Donald Trump’s sister-in-law Blaine Trump is divorcing his brother Robert, who has apparently been living on Long Island with another woman. [P6]

Meatpacking District staple G Spa is closing. [Down By The Hipster]