Morning Memo: Meghan McCain Waiting On the Ink; Model Denies Affair With Jose Reyes; Paris Hilton is Never Going Away

Meghan McCain was overheard discussing new tattoo options with the editor of her new children’s book, Mark Mcveigh, though she wants to wait until “after the election in November.” [P6]

Paris Hilton has said, “Some celebrities become famous and they forget who they are or where they came from and they hide out like some recluse. I’m not going to do that.” It’s true, Hilton would really have to lose touch with her roots to become a recluse. [US Weekly]

Anne Hathaway was quoted as saying, “I’m not the sort of girl that will throw up on a short skirt and tease her hair up.” Neither are we! [NYDN]

Bentley Matthews, a model who has been accused of having an affair with married Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, has denied that salacious photos posted to prove she has been dating the athlete.[NYDN]

The cops are investigating potential evidence of prostitution at high-end Tribeca S&M club Rapture NYC. [NYMag]

Former Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Brad Garrett seems to be dating Lisa Gores, who played a major roll in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping trial, but the two are reportedly trying to keep the relationship under wraps to protect the integrity of Garrett’s forthcoming online reality dating show. [P6]