Morning Memo: Michael Lohan Lashes Out (Again); Jamie Lynn “Crucified”; Anna Wintour Takes Out the Trash

Michael Lohan has written a scare quote-heavy email to gossipy X17 calling Samantha Ronson “dark, hideous and a disgusting representation of humanity.” Mr. Lohan adds, “What’s with this ‘person?’ Look at the way she ‘dresses?'” [P6

Meanwhile, Ms. Lohan confirmed yeserday that she and Ronson have been together for “a very long time.” [Us Weekly]

In other stage-parent news, Lynn Spears is jealous—er, indignant—that Sarah Palin “became celebrated” for her teen daughter’s pregnancy, while her pregnant teen, Jamie Lynn, was “crucified.” [US Weekly]

The Upper East Side’s exclusive all-girls Chapin School has just completed a four-story addition that doesn’t exactly match the neighborhood’s aesthetic. [Curbed

1Oak’s Ronnie Madra is now distributing baseball caps bearing his club’s name. [Guest of a Guest]

It’s official: Socialite Olivia Palermo will be part of The Hills’ Whitney Port’s spin-off show, The City. [P6]

Not only does Anna Wintour take out her own trash, she does it in “funky slippers.” [R&M, sixth item]