Morning Memo: The Eldridge Opens; Lindsay Lohan Defends Bristol Palin; Brett Ratner Gossips About Miley Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan thinks the media’s extensive coverage of the Bristol Palin scandal is “distracting from the real issues.” She would know!  [US Weekly]

Ever-decorous director Brett Ratner told the press that 15-year-old Miley Cyrus’s latest single—he directed the music video—is about her ex-boyfriend, Jonas Brother Nick. [People]

Invites to the new, infamously exclusive Eldridge bar on the Lower East Side went out today—though they’re apparently slightly easier to come by than owner Matt Levine would have us believe. [Down By The Hipster]

Arthur Sulzberger has been deposed by Donald Trump‘s lawyers, who believe the New York Times publisher’s testimony will strengthen their defamation suit against TrumpNation author Timothy O’Brien. Among the “reputation damaging” allegations: Mr. O’Brien listed Mr. Trump’s worth as $250 million, rather than $150 million. [P6]

Paul McCartney visited the Amagansett library with his daughter to watch a lecture called “Eric’s Big Bugs” and the librarian made an obvious—but cute!—Beatles pun. [NYDN, second item]

Musician John Legend is likely dating model Christy Tiegen—the two reportedly looked very close at a Soho party for football players Kerry Rhodes and Reuben Droughns. [P6]