Murdoch in Esquire: For Five Years, Sulzberger Didn’t Want to Hire ‘Any White, Heterosexual Men’

murdoch091108 Murdoch in Esquire: For Five Years, Sulzberger Didnt Want to Hire Any White, Heterosexual MenSome of the gems from Rupert Murdoch’s quote-icle in the 75 Anniversary issue of Esquire:

"Everyone can see that The New York Times is a magnificent paper in many ways, lots of ways, but you can also see that they choose stories, very often for page 1, based on an agenda. I think that Arthur Sulzberger, over the years, has made it very clear that he wants a very liberal paper, and that he wants a staff that reflects that community. For five years, he didn’t want any white, heterosexual men hired. He was sending a clear message."

"I have one or two friends who know Barack Obama, but I’ve only met him once. I was very impressed. He struck me as very pragmatic, certainly ambitious, but a very decent human being. But after you meet politicians for the first time, you have to go away and pinch yourself, because, you know, they’ve been briefed and they say things you’re going to agree with."

"It’s bullshit to say we’re going to dumb down The Wall Street Journal. We didn’t dumb down the London Times — we made the London Times.The Sunday Times, too. Are they a little more popular than they were? Yes. They are populist papers."

"I can go into restaurants and a whole table will get up and clap if they recognize me, because they love Fox News."