Nadal Loses, Doesn’t Whine

In the tennis world, we have grown used to assuming that when good players lose, especially in “upsets,” the loser must be suffering from injuries. And the truth of injury declarations has been a factor towards the end of this tournament, as when Novak Djokovic publicly defended himself against Andy Roddick’s maybe-joking doubt about Djokovic’s medical issues.

In a graceful press conference after his semifinal loss against Andy Murray, though, Rafael Nadal told the truth: Murray just played better.

“Injuries? What injuries?” he said in response to a question which seemed to assume that Nadal must have been dealing with a handicap. “No, no. Not one during all the season.”

So, if it wasn’t Nadal’s injuries, what could possibly have led to this unforeseen victory?!?! “He play better than me and he beat me.”


Nadal Loses, Doesn’t Whine