Oasis Cancels Terminal Five, Hits Subway Stations

So you won’t be able to see Oasis play at Terminal 5 tonight—that’s thanks to the injuries Noel Gallagher sustained last weekend at the hands of this idiot. But if you happen to find yourself at any of these subway stops this afternoon—including Grand Central, Times Square, Penn Station, and Astor Place—you can listen to a handful of tunes from the band’s new album Dig Out Your Soul performed by a troupe of hardy MTA-approved buskers. Oasis will be teaching 30 New York street musicians this morning how to play “The Turning,” “Bag it Up,” “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady,” and the new single “The Shock of the Lightning” from their seventh long-player, due out October 7. Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails give their music away for free—Oasis forces you to play it!

Footage will be collected from the day’s festivities for a documentary to be released before Dig Out Your Soul hits stores, and, of course, fans are being encouraged to shoot the buskers themselves for a YouTube channel dedicated to the album. If you think you can do a better Liam impression than Michael Schulman and his “shred violin,” you’ll have the chance when Oasis makes the sheet music from their new record available online on September 16.