Palin’s Trooper Emails, Defending Community Organizers, Clyburn for Powers

According to emails she wrote at the time, Sarah Palin expressed at the very least an “intense interest” in the conduct of her brother-in-law, a state trooper who was later fired. [Washington Post]

Peggy Noonan says when she was caught on a live mic yesterday she wasn’t saying the McCain campaign was over. [W.S.J.]

Joe Biden praised Palin’s delivery. [The Page]

Those are “new-clear” weapons terrorist states are seeking, according to Palin. [The Stump]

Miss Heather thinks Palin is “the new crack,” and not really in a good way. [New York Shitty]

Josh Marshall does not agree with most pundits that Palin hit a “home run.” [T.P.M.]

Neither does Nate Silver. [The Plank]

A Bronx blogger is livid that Republicans have taken to attacking community organizing. [West Bronx News]

Upstate Congressional candidate Jack Davis hasn’t changed, but he maybe should have. [Buffalo News]

James Clyburn, the Democratic majority whip, is supporting upstate Congressional candidate Jon Powers. [Democrat & Chronicle]

Mike McLaughlin says Staten Island Congressional candidate Steve Harrison changed his position on abortion. [Brooklyn Paper]