Pataki: Community Organizing — What’s Up With That?

ST. PAUL-Former governor George Pataki doesn’t think too much of Barack Obama’s post-college, biography-anchoring work in Chicago as a community organizer.

Speaking at the Ohio delegation’s breakfast this morning, Pataki went on the attack to dispel talk about G.O.P. vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin’s inexperience.

“They talk about her résumé,” he said. “You know, she was mayor of a small town.”

“He was a community organizer. What in God’s name is a community organizer? I don’t even know if that’s a job,” he said. He received laughter and applause.

Pataki, who slipped almost entirely out of public view when he left office 20 months ago, has been on a rather active schedule out here, mostly speaking to individual delegations in support of Senator McCain.

Pataki: Community Organizing — What’s Up With That?