Paterson Clarifies ‘Bloodsucker’ Remark

During a scrum with reporters in Albany earlier today, David Paterson referred to some Albany lawmakers as “bloodsuckers.”

He is now trying to clarify that remark.

When I asked his office for comment, they emailed audio the full conversation with the press, which includes the governor’s attempt to soften the language.

At about the 7:30 mark, Paterson says, “I didn’t say that my colleagues were bloodsuckers. I said that there were certain people who listened to advocates, and as soon as they left, and it got dark, were acting in that way, like Count Dracula, because they really didn’t care or were not about to do anything about what the advocates were in Albany to try to persuade.”

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office declined to comment.

Assemblyman Denny Farrell told me, sportingly, “As a member of the Dracula club, I have no comment.”

Paterson Clarifies ‘Bloodsucker’ Remark