Play Resumes! Nadal Grabs Third Set

About 26 hours after the match was delayed yesterday, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have resumed play at a packed-house at Arthur Ashe Stadium, a far cry from their match at a half-filled Louis Armstrong yesterday.

And Nadal, who was up a break in third set yesterday, has taken the set, 6-4.

Reflection on early play: Nadal held all three of his service games, but Murray, particularly in the last game, played really nice defense. The conventional wisdom going into today’s match was that Nadal, a 5-time Grand Slam Champion and a veteran for matches like this one, would come out today playing with soaring confidence and Murray, a neophyte to this stage, would play tight. Not so. Murray had a break chance on Nadal’s serve, and just missed getting the game evened at 5-5.

We’re going to have a good final two (one?) sets.