Quinn Says Her Staff Isn’t Asking Members About Term Limits

During a press conference in the Red Room at City Hall just now, Christine Quinn had a harsh reaction to a question about whether her staff had contacted individual Council members to find out what position they might take on an extension of term limits.

According to a transcript provided by a reporter who attended, Quinn was asked, “There were individual members who have said in the past few weeks that they’ve been approached by staffers from the central Council office to see—”

Quinn cut the reporter off and answered, “We’ve answered that question repeatedly—that did not happen. Let me be clear—when my staff speaks, they speak for me. If you don’t trust what my staff says, then you should come and make a formal complaint. You have been told by my staff that that didn’t happen. My staff has never misrepresented themselves to you. That did not happen.”

Then, in a lower voice, she added, “Don’t ask something that’s been asked already.”

Quinn’s staff has told the press that the office is not contacting members, although this appears to be the first time she has denied claims that Council members say they have been contacted by her office.

Last month, Quinn said that she is not having any conversations with the mayor about term limits.

Quinn is not generally so defensive–she remained notably calm when pelted with a barrage of questions about member items and inquiries about the fake organizations that found their way into the budget.

Quinn Says Her Staff Isn’t Asking Members About Term Limits