Reality Stars Feel at Home at Michael Kors, But What About the Clothes? “I Loved It,” Says His Mama

At Michael Kors‘ 10 a.m. fashion show Wednesday, Blake Lively was the obligatory Gossip Girl representative on hand, looking maddeningly fresh. Several seats down, Heidi Klum, Rachel Zoe and actress Joy Bryant chummed it up, snapping pictures and covered their mouths when they spoke to each other (the better to avoid their comments being printed in stories like this one?).

This being a Michael Kors show, almost everyone in the fashion industry who is also involved with reality television was in attendance. A sampling: Ms. Klum is Mr. Kors’ co-star on Project Runway, while Ms. Zoe recently visited Mr. Kors on her own reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, to find a dress for her client, Ms. Bryant! Across the runway, Nina Garcia, another Project Runway judge, sat with her new boss, Joanna Coles of Marie Claire, which will be the featured magazine on Project Runway after this season. Meanwhile, Joe Zee of Elle, and more importantly, Elle‘s new reality show Stylista, stopped to chat with Ms. Klum.

Aside from the show—or rather, shows—in the front row, there was the one on the runway: a crowd-pleasing retro bonanza of primary-colors and polka dots, with red-lipsticked models and a deafening mash-up of the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” the Go-Gos’ “Our Lips are Sealed,” and Coldplay on the speakers. Mr. Kors took an ebullient tour of the runway afterwards, rather than the quick wave favored by many designers; after all, he’s half the attraction now.

“I loved it,” proclaimed one biased critic, Mr. Kors’ mother Joan, who had been seated front-row, near Bette Midler. She wore oversized sunglasses and an aristocratic blonde ponytail, like the models. “I’ve been sitting since Sunday doing the looks with Michael,” she revealed. Earlier, Ms. Klum had greeted her warmly with a kiss on the cheek.

“He’s always pretty happy,” she continued, of her son. “He does [the music] himself…he looks forward to doing it.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Klum granted interview after interview to television reporters, while a publicist barked into a headset nearby: “Are you sure she wants to do all these interviews?”

Reality Stars Feel at Home at Michael Kors, But What About the Clothes? “I Loved It,” Says His Mama