Rock ‘n’ Roll Condos: The Beating Goes On

A while back, the developer of a new condo called the Hit Factory, a legendary recording studio that’s, sadly, been turned into multimillion-dollar condominiums, told this reporter that the music world had more or less moved on from New York, and that real estate had taken its place. “Frankly,” he said, “I think it’s had its day.” (Still, his building kept the old rock ‘n’ theme: “People will tell their friends, won’t they, ‘Hey, I’m locating to the Hit Factory!'” the developer offered.)

Real estate salesmen will be using the hip kids and their music to sell real estate until the end of time, but today the Web site Copyranter (via Gawker) points out a particularly fascinating attempt. Despite the fact that a new condo called Tempo has apartments from $800,000 to $2.1 million, not to mention a non-youthful in-building spa and putting green, the building has an mp3 player in its logo, plus marketing zingers like “Move to the beat of your life” and “Manhattan’s new hit residences.”

Then the Web site has this line: “Fast forward. Tap into the pulse of NYC’s hottest neighborhood.” Tempo is on Second Avenue and 23rd Street.