Sarah Michelle Gellar to Return in New HBO Series

Everyone’s favorite Vampire Slayer is coming back to television. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s been way from the Farnsworth invention since 2003, is set to return for an HBO series called The Wonderful Maladys, Variety reports. Set in New York, the half-hour show will follow the lives of three siblings who lost their parents at a young age. Ms. Gellar’s part was specifically written for her by show creator Charles Randolph (The Interpreter) and is described as someone who is “like a drug addict with a to-do list.”

Even though her film career has never taken off the way we’re sure she would have liked, we have always found Ms. Gellar to be an incredibly interesting actress. She seems to be the one female lead in her age group who really can sleaze it up at a moments notice (see: Southland Tales, Cruel Intentions) and isn’t afraid to show audiences an unflattering side. The Wonderful Maladys could do for her career what Weeds did for Mary-Louise Parker.

And as for HBO, this is just yet another positive step forward in its comeback story. Entourage is rejuvenated, True Blood has gotten some sparkling reviews (ahem), and now, HBO has some interesting series in the pipeline (Maladys, the Jason Schwartzman-Ted Danson show Bored to Death). It’s almost enough to make the network forget about ignoring Matthew Weiner’s pitch for Mad Men. Well, not really.