Sheldon Silver Voter Not Looking for Change

I just got back from Greenwich and Chambers Street in Manhattan, where some Dan Squadron volunteers (at least one wearing an 1199 SEIU t-shirt) were handing out literature as a public school was letting out for the day.

One woman across the street, Roann Kolvenbach, handed back the Squadron flier she was given and said she didn’t know whether she was voting for him or for incumbent State Senator Marty Connor.

But she did tell me she’d be voting for Sheldon Silver, who represents the in the Assembly.

Kolvenbach, a mother of two elementary school children attending P.S. 234, said that Silver has been particularly responsive on the issue of school overcrowding.

“He’s been at every meeting,” she told me as we walked along Chamber Street. “Him personally,” she added.

When I said Silver has drawn criticism for his management of the legislature, and his opponents are promising change in Albany, she bristled.

Referring to the advocates for change, she said, “Oh, stop feeding me that line of bullshit.”

Later, a Silver volunteer pointed out that Silver’s crew isn’t handing out fliers in support of Connor.

Sheldon Silver Voter Not Looking for Change