‘S.N.L.’ Hasn’t Decided Whom to Cast as Palin

Whether the Sarah Palin VP-pick ultimately pays off for John McCain remains to be seen. But for one group of Americans, Gov. Palin’s sudden arrival on the national scene promises to be an instant boon: comics!

Judging from what’s already made its way to YouTube  (haven’t you seen this, this or this?), the moose-hunting hockey mom is in for a ribbing. So who will Saturday Night Live pick to play the small screen version of Sarah Barracuda?

We checked in this afternoon with Mr. Michaels’ office in New York to get some answers, and according to Marc Liepis, a spokesperson for the show, the cast is still working on it.

They won’t have to crash anything too fast either: the first new episode is slated for a week from Saturday. Here’s hoping they have an easier time than they did with Barack Obama .