Socialite Annie Churchill Gave Up Drinking for Fashion Week

Fashion Week is almost over. Our feet and our backs are suffering from tall shoes and shwag-stuffed purses. Our face feels puffy from all the makeup and late night parties. And we’re pretty much ready to collapse and settle in with 10 episodes of Mad Men tomorrow.

But it seems we’re not the only casualties.

At last night’s Vanity Fair gathering at the Lambertson Truex boutique uptown in honor of a tote designed by artist Donald Baechler, actress and socialite Annie Churchill wasn’t doing much better.

“My throat hurts. I’m about to faint. My feet hurt. I don’t feel pretty anymore—I feel washed out, my hair is drab, and I have these terrible bags under my eyes,” said Ms. Churchill said in a flat, defeated voice. “I even tried to put cucumbers and ice on my face earlier, but it didn’t work.

“A few days ago I had a total breakdown where I slept all day and missed everything. I just couldn’t get out of bed anymore, it felt like I’d been hit by a truck,” she continued. “I call it Truckitus actually or a Gemini breakdown; I have one every few months.”

While impressed by Ms. Churchill’s candid complaints, we wondered what has made her so crazed this Fashion Week. It turned out she’s launching an e-commerce Web site in nine months or so that will have a magazine and a TV show attached to it, of which Ms. Churchill will be the host. So this Fashion Week she’s been studying. She’s even quit drinking!

“I quit drinking to help me get through Fashion Week and keep the momentum up,” she said. “In the old days I used to drink during Fashion Week and I just couldn’t get through it. But this time I’m working so I want to make sure I’m sharp and I remember everything when I network and do all that.”

And how does Ms. Churchill plan to spend the weekend?

“I’m ready to just collapse and have three days to myself with my boyfriend and my dog,” she said. “Then I’ll remerge next week.”

Socialite Annie Churchill Gave Up Drinking for Fashion Week