Stephin Meritt Inspires Shoes

We just heard that Kim Gordon is starting her own fashion line, mirror/dash. But what about clothes inspired by rock stars? Stephin Merritt—he of the golf caps and racist controversies—has been honored with his very own line of shoes courtesy of French shoemaker Bluedy. You can see the cute little numbers here. If you were going to make a shoe inspired by a gay baritone who performs in a band called the Magnetic Fields and writes witty, deeply misanthropic pop songs, we suppose it might look something like the “Stephin.” But then again, it’s not something we’ve ever really thought about. Bluedy, it seems, thinks about this stuff a lot. They’ve also crafted a line of shoes inspired by Jimi Hendrix featuring laser-engraved guitars called—what else?—the “Jimi.”

They are, apparently, more rock-star-inspired shoes on the way from these French shoemakers. Given the folks listed under “inspiration” on—including Bob Dylan, Brian Eno and Talk Talk—we may have some interesting footwear coming our way.