Steve Jobs, Not Dead, Actually Kinda Funny

The above photo comes from Steve Jobs’ iTunes presentation in San Francisco this morning.

Mr. Jobs, as you may recall, was the subject of an accidental obituary on Bloomberg News last month. Clearly, Mr. Jobs is alive, but for months there’s been speculation about the Apple C.E.O.’s health after his treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2004. In July, The New York Times‘ Joe Nocera looked at “Apple’s Culture of Secrecy,” specifically after The New York Post “published an article citing ‘multiple sources’ who, the paper said, had met with Mr. Jobs and were ‘troubled by his thin appearance.'”

Mr. Nocera quoted Apple’s C.F.O., Peter Oppenheimer, as saying to investors concerned about Mr. Jobs, “Steve loves Apple… He serves as the C.E.O. at the pleasure of Apple’s board and has no plans to leave Apple. Steve’s health is a private matter.”

According to the Associated Press, Mr. Jobs appeared “thin but energetic” at the presentation. Or maybe it’s just his powerful Reality Distortion Field?