Tender Is The Knightley?

The Hollywood Reporter reports that The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes has signed on to direct The Beautiful and The Damned, which would tackle the shiny, bright, and often thorny relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre. Though the glamorous duo were considered the jazzy embodiment of the Roaring Twenties, things did not end well (you know a relationship has gone south when one of you ends up in a sanitarium). Reportedly Mr. Cassavetes is sniffing around Keira Knighley to portray Zelda Saye, perhaps inspired by just how awesome the actress looked in Atonement. But who should play F. Scott Fitzgerald? After seeing Brideshead Revisited we know Matthew Goode could go period, but is he too dark-haired? Hey, what about Ken (Aaron Stanton) from Mad Men?