Thanks for the Memories, YCDTOTV!

alasdairprice Thanks for the Memories, YCDTOTV!When we occasionally have downtime at work, there are a few activities that we enjoy engaging in, with a little help from the old Internet. Like everyone else, we can kill hours on Facebook, looking at friends’ friends, then friends’ friends’ friends. We Google our lost friends, or that sophomore we once drove to a Grateful Dead concert. But we also enjoy more innocent activities, like looking up those lost crushes from our youth that we met not through school or church group, but through our other old friend, the television. Today, this exact impulse hit us and, pow, there we were, on the You Can’t Do That On Television homepage (which is sort of terrifying).

If you are too young to know what this show is, well, we feel sorry for you. It was our after-school delight up through the fifth grade, and we can still remember entering a contest to attend a taping with Kevin Kubusheskie and Alasdair Gillis all the way up in Ottawa, where ‘about’ sounded like ‘aboot’ and the girls were allowed to have overbites. (We were never that into the slime, but yes, this was the show where a giant bucket of green goo fell on your head if you ever said "I Don’t Know." Was this supposed to teach us a lesson of some kind?) Alasdair, with his puffy brown waves, his pre-puberty voice and his striped t-shirts was our favorite. We weren’t alone, of course: this is like having a crush on Michael Cera or something. You think you’re the only one who loves him but actually, everyone else does too.

So what’s old Alasdair up to? On the show’s homepage, you can click on the link, Where are they now?, which we assumed would tell us! We were excited! Well, hmm, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but in 2002 he was going back to school He also attended SlimeCon that year, and again in 2004. His head is shaved and also quite large.

This didn’t quite turn out the way we meant it too. We were just cured of one bad habit.  Back to Facebook.