The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

House rejects bailout as stocks dive. [NY Times]

Citigroup gobbles up Wachovia for $2.2 billion. [NY Times]

Which 10 New York buildings deserve the wrecking ball? [City Room]

In the rush to gentrify, landlords in emerging neighborhoods like Bushwick ignore the needs of long-time tenants. [City Room]

Amid a wave of changes, the Bowery faces its biggest challenge yet: ignorance. [Curbed]

As many as 580 NYC apartment buildings may be in danger of foreclosure. [Crain’s vis Curbed]

Barclays still buddies with Atlantic Yards despite the project’s continued legal trouble. [Crain’s]

Greenmarket coming to Bay Ridge—the first in a decade. [Bay Ridge Rover]

The Bronx’s Fordham Road getting an influx of new retail. [Boogiedowner]

A weekend after the insanity at Brooklyn’s Trader Joe’s. [Lost City]

The prime minister of Vietnam hangs out in Roosevelt Island. [The Fryer’s Club via City Room]

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