The Carlyle Hops on the Olympics Endorsement Train

Michael Phelps mother, Debbie Phelps, has an endorsement deal with Chico’s. Gymnastics gold medalist Nastia Liukin is attending New York Fashion Week with Maria Sharapova and appearing on Gossip Girl, while her gymnastics teammate and fellow gold medalist Shawn Johnson is endorsing Coca Cola, or something. 

Today we learned of another endorsement deal with an Olympic athlete, but this time it’s a fancy Upper East Side hotel that seems to be pimping out one of its guests to sell an overpriced breakfast Value Meal. The Carlyle is advertising that Wheaties endorser Bryan Clay, the 28-year-old decathlon gold medalist, is staying there. And the Carlyle, which typically serves French-press coffee and dishes like the lobster omelet for breakfast, has begun to sell something called the “Breakfast of Champions” in his honor. 

But don’t get too excited. This breakfast costs $25 and includes a measly bowl of Wheaties (topped with bananas!), a blueberry smoothie, and an issue of Sports Illustrated. Heh. Last time we checked, a box of Wheaties at the corner bodega is $3.99, a blueberry smoothie is about the same, and an issue of Sports Illustrated is $4.50. But we’re sure it tastes way better when you’re having it in the dining room of the Carlyle.