The Ladies of Entourage Are Not Hoochie Mamas, Thank You Very Much

At the Entourage season five premiere Wednesday evening at the Ziegfield Theater on 54th Street, attendees would have been forgiven if they assumed, incorrectly, that the premiere was being filmed for some meta-meta-upcoming episode. There were screaming fans, and the boys—Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven—were dressed in suits, and stopped to pose for photos and sign autographs. Two episodes from season five, which starts Sunday, were screened for an audience that included several guest stars from the upcoming season—Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights producer Peter Berg, Sopranos daughter Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and rapper Bow Wow.

Mr. Grenier’s character Vince ended last season about to deal with the fallout from the film Medellin, which bombed at Cannes on the show. In real life, Mr. Grenier’s career has stalled somewhat; his role as Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend in 2005’s The Devil Wears Prada has been his only breakthrough part. But last evening, by the time the afterparty at Mansion, on far, far West 28th Street, rolled around, Mr. Grenier was in full-on star mode. He was at all times surrounded by a bevy of young (and not-so-young; we spotted a white-haired lady we assumed to be his grandmother) women practically tripping over themselves to have their photos taken with him, or whisper in his ear. (By this point, Mr. Grenier’s tie was rakishly loose.)

The Daily Transom spotted Constance Zimmer, who plays studio executive Dana Gordon (whom Ari Gold never fails to remind about their past dalliances), talking animatedly with Carla Gugino; Ms. Gugino, who was wearing a very Mad Men-esque green dress, plays Amanda, the agent for whom Vince leaves Ari, then abandons after they sleep together. We wondered what it was like to be women on such a male-dominated show.

“That’s so funny, we were just talking about that!” said Ms. Gugino. “We play characters who are sexy, but also powerful and funny.” Ms. Gugino paused. (Teensy-tiny spoiler alert!) “Though I wasn’t so funny in this episode.”

“We’re happy to represent,” said Ms. Zimmer. “There are so many hot women on the show. But we’re powerful—we’re not hoochie mamas!”

The Ladies of Entourage Are Not Hoochie Mamas, Thank You Very Much