The Morning Read: Monday, September 8, 2008

A new USA Today-Galllup poll shows John McCain leading Barack Obama, 50-46.

Dick Cheney loves Sarah Palin, especially that line about the pit bull in lipstick.

The L.A. Times calls Palin McCain’s new “muse.”

The New York Times has more on how Palin balances motherhood and work, although the V.P. nominee herself declined to be interviewed for the article.

Palin will sit down with Charlie Gibson this week; Josh Marshall calls the exercise a “farce.”

The federal government took over mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

John Crudele thinks the meltdown has origins in the Clinton administration.

Michael Bloomberg will campaign for Republican State Senator Serf Maltese.

Mike Lupica doesn’t approve of Bloomberg’s search for a third term.

A coalition has formed to push back against extending term limits.

Sheldon Silver reached out to the New York Sun editors, who did not endorse a candidate in the race.

Christine Quinn will help rally the LGBT vote for Obama in Pennsylvania.

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews have been taken off the anchor desk at MSNBC.

David Seifman looks at tomorrow’s local primaries.

So does Jonathan Hicks.

Kevin Sheekey tried rallying the support a group of influential Jewish leaders in Brooklyn involved in the Marty Connor-Dan Squadron primary.

Ben Sarlin looks at the ripple effect of undoing term limits.

Jeremiah Wright emerged for an annual event, and had some kind words for Obama.

William Kristol doesn’t think anyone should worry about Palin’s inexperience, since so few vice presidents become president.

The New York Post does a front-page endorsement of McCain.

The Daily News editorial board supports continuing mayoral control of schools.

Agree with Gabe Pressman, David Remnick writes of the Democratic National Convention, “The curtain-raising media narrative about the Clintons turned out to be so preposterously inflated that it allowed both Bill and Hillary to execute easy maneuvers of rhetorical and emotional jujitsu, repairing his reputation of late for narcissistic resentment and hers for a confounded petulance in defeat.”

The Morning Read: Monday, September 8, 2008