Tobman Chat, Live at 3 p.m.

This afternoon, Democratic consultant Michael Tobman is going to join me at my desk inside City Hall for a quick chat about local politics–and everyone can watch!

If my fancy new machine does what it’s supposed to (and everyone is on time), at 3 p.m. the video above (which I shot during the Republican National Convention) will update automatically to the live feed (thanks to this Web site).

And, if Tobman says anything you’d like to hear more about, hover your mouse over the video, and a few icons will appear. One of those icons, in the lower right corner, will be a quote cloud. If you click on that, you can send an instant message right to me, so in real time, I can read your questions and pose them to Tobman.

Don’t get too excited–Tobman already warned me he won’t be taking his clothes off. Nonetheless, it should be a worthwhile experiment.