Weekend in Review: Press for Palin After All!

Sarah Palin did not appear on any of the Sunday shows, but her absence was much-discussed.

This afternoon, the McCain campaign announced she will sit down with Charlie Gibson on ABC.

Palin will not say whether she is endorsing Ted Stevens in his Senate re-election race.

The L.A. Times confirms that being commander of the Alaska National Guard did not give Palin any foreign policy experience.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the complications surrounding the construction of a indoor sports center in Wasilla—a project Palin spearheaded.

It’s not clear whether Palin is pro-contraception or not.

The New York Times defends its coverage of Palin.

Jonathan Martin reports that Palin is still using a teleprompter.

And that they don’t just love Sarah--First Dude Todd is popular with Republicans as well.

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats made clear that Clinton has no affinity for Palin.

Barack Obama thinks he may have been too “flip” when answering a question about abortion at the Saddleback Ranch.

Mark Halperin is reporting that Bill Clinton and Obama will dine together in New York this week.

Joe Biden surreptitiously taught a class yesterday.

After his rousing speech in Denver, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer will speak at Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry in Iowa.

Michael Scherer spends some time with Mike Huckabee and discovers that he hasn’t changed much.

The Daily News endorses Paul Newell, although it’s just as much an anti-endorsement of Sheldon Silver.

Charlie Rangel paid no interest on a loan he received to buy a villa in the Dominican Republic.

David Seifman laments the state of city streets.

Buffalo Pundit endorses Jon Powers, Michele Iannello and others in Tuesday’s primary.

Here’s the New York Community Council’s endorsements of Kevin Powell and others.

Michael Bloomberg is backing Republican incumbent State Senator Serf Maltese.

The Republican Staten Island Congressional primary has become a “blood sport,” apparently.

Eric Gioia launches more accusations of illegal dumping in Newtown Creek.

Brooklyn Heights Blog is looking for more information on Marty Connor’s real estate holdings.


Weekend in Review: Press for Palin After All!