Wikipedia Founder Goes Green

Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has unveiled a new community for greenies to share information about environmental topics. Today, Mr. Wales unveiled Wikia Green, an arm of Mr. Wales’ for-profit venture Wikia. It’s a lot like Wikipedia in that it can be edited by anyone. But a Wikia Green article won’t overview the entire history of a company like ExxonMobil. Instead, it will focus on the company’s green practices and environmental history, like the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989, according to CNET.

Mr. Wales explained how Wikia Green can be useful for bloggers:

Q: Why do Wikia Green now? There are so many green blogs and guides all over the internet, and they’ve had a head start on this project. Aren’t people feeling over-saturated with “green” lately?

Wales: No, this is a growing area. What we’re doing is actually complementary to blogs in the sense that what blogs do is update you on a day-to-day basis. Also, blogs are engaged in political or other types of analysis, whereas a wiki becomes a touchpoint for the community, a place where people meet up and work on whatever the consensus is about a certain topic.

We’re hoping that a lot of bloggers will find it useful to send their readers (there) and also to collaboratively work on background information. The blogger doesn’t really enjoy explaining something over and over. But if I want to tell you about biodiesel, and if you don’t know about biodiesel, I can say, “Read this article first.”

 Cool idea. If only there were a Wikia Politics…

Wikipedia Founder Goes Green