Will Hanna Ruin Saturday Play?

For the last few days everyone in Flushing has been whispering about Tropical Storm Hanna. Right now, weather.com is calling for an 80 percent chance of rain tomorrow, and that there could be up to 1 inch of rain–more than enough to ensure no tennis.

Super Saturday is a huge day at the Open: both men’s semifinal matches and the women’s final are played. That’s about eight hours worth of coverage alone. If it all has to be played on Sunday there are several problems. CBS only has a 4pm to 7pm slot available for tennis; 1 to 4pm is used for football, so coverage may inevitably have to be farmed back out to USA. 

If Saturday is washed out, that means the men will have to play their semis on Sunday, and the final on Monday. If there is a  Monday men’s final, is it played at night? In the day? Is it a People’s Open like at Wimbledon where the gates open to the general public? Do both women and men play on Monday? Do the women play their final on Sunday in primetime, and the men in the afternoon on Monday?

The reason there is so much confusion is because this has never happened. Or at least, it hasn’t happened in the last 40 years, according to unofficial tennis historian, Bud Collins. Somehow, in New York, it doesn’t rain on the Sunday after Labor Day, and the USTA/CBS has never had to deal with a problem like this.

The USTA has promised to keep everyone informed today, and here is the first email they sent out about it yesterday regarding tickets:


As of Thursday, September 4th at 3:00pm

The current weather forecast for the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center calls for rain on Saturday, September 6th, during both Day Session #24 (Men’s Singles Semifinals) and Night Session #25 (Women’s Singles Final).

In the event that inclement weather causes the USTA to reschedule Day Session #24 (Men’s Singles Semifinals), Night Session #25 (Women’s Singles Final) and/or Day Session #26 (Men’s Singles Final), tickets for each session will provide access to the same session at its rescheduled date and time.

The USTA has several contingency plans in place depending on the time and duration of the inclement weather. Those plans will be implemented and communicated as the forecast develops throughout the day on Friday.

For official updates, please visit USOpen.org.


Will Hanna Ruin Saturday Play?