Will W. Be The Funniest Movie Of The Season?

Even after the first W. trailer was released this summer, we weren’t sure what to expect from Oliver Stone’s film. Well, that’s not exactly true. We expected that it would be totally bananas, but we didn’t know how far it would take things and whether it would be any good.


From the looks of it, W. goes further than our imaginations even figured. One of our favorite movie blogs, In Contention, posted a new television spot (and linked to another over at Huffington Post) and well, consider us incredibly excited. If W. isn’t the funniest movie (or possibly depressing) of 2008, we don’t know what is. Certainly this has to be funnier than Pineapple Express, right?


Between Josh Brolin’s inspired performance, Richard Dreyfus’ Dick Cheney incarnate and the gallows humor sprinkled throughout (when asked about how history will view him, Brolin-as-W. smirks, “History? We’ll all be dead!”), W. looks like the feel good movie of the season!