Would Independence Party Adopt Party-Less Bloomberg?

bloombergsignweb Would Independence Party Adopt Party Less Bloomberg?Now that Ron Lauder is on board with a third Bloomberg term, the mayor has cleared a major hurdle for another bid, but there are a few details he would need to work out.

Unlike during his two previous mayoral campaigns, Bloomberg is no longer a member of any political party. If he were to run, he’d need to either get permission from a major party to run on its line, or run on a line that he creates himself.

Frank Morano, head of the Staten Island chapter of the Independence Party and huge supporter of Bloomberg’s presidential non-bid, declined to say if he would support Bloomberg running on his party’s line.

In an email, he said, "I take the Mayor at his word that he intends to leave office in 450 some odd days. I can’t answer any hypothetical what if scenarios. Obviously I’m a tremendous admirer of the Mayor and I wish he were running for President now. I think he’s done an amazing job, but term limits should not be overturned except by the voters."


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