A New James L. Brooks Movie Or What?

Call it the mystery of the overwrought director. Last night while perusing the internets we saw a story posted on Ain’t It Cool News about director James L. Brooks’ latest project, a (probable) mawkish romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker for Sony Pictures. The story almost seemed ominous in alluding that the news about Mr. Brooks’ next film, his first since 2004’s Spanglish and only second since 1997’s As Good as It Gets, would be confirmed by the trades within the next few days. OK!

Well, the plot thickens. When we went to Ain’t It Cool this morning (yes, we’re still furiously checking that site multiple times per hour, as if we were twenty-years-old), the story had mysteriously vanished. Hmmmm. After conducting a quick Google search, we were happy to find we weren’t hallucinating as another website, First Showing, had picked up the story as well. But when we clicked on the link inside their posting, it took us to story about Beverly Hill Cop 4. Grrrrr. What gives? More importantly, why do we care so much about a hack rom-com that we’ll never see?