At Long Last, For Real This Time, Chinese Democracy To Be Released

Holy shit: It’s actually happening! No no, not Barack… Chinese Democracy! According to (via Pitchfork), Guns N’ Roses’ cosmically-delayed record—their first studio album since Use Your Illusion’s double-whammy —will hit stores on November 23. By stores, of course, we mean only Best Buy. But hey, at least it’s out there. Between now and then, lead-single “Shackler’s Revenge” will premiere on Rock Band 2, and “If The World” will be featured during the ending credits of Ridley Scott’s Body Of Lies. GNR’s seminal debut Appetite for Destruction will also be re-released on vinyl on Oct. 28.

But what about Dr. Pepper? Aren’t we all due a free can of soda? “We’re waiting to hear about Chinese Democracy just like all the other GNR fans,” Dr. Pepper VP Tony Jacobs assures Billboard. “But if the rumors are true, we’re putting the Dr. Pepper on ice.”