Bilingual Trebeking Replaces Rickrolling

You never know when you’re gonna bumble into the next, new internet thing—2.0. Today, Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY blogger Noah Davis offered a post about an article by Larry Platt in the current GQ that restored his faith in journalism and blogging about the same.

Writes Mr. Davis:

Sometimes you read an article that’s so good, so thorough, so perfect that it makes you remember why you got into journalism in the first place. (It sure ain’t the money. Or the job security.) For us, Larry Platt’s essay in this month’s GQ about his decision not to run for Congress in Pennsylvania is one of those articles

With an endorsement like that, readers will likely click through to read this perfect article, but Mr. Davis pulls fast one and links (twice) to a CBC video of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek host speaking French from 1978.

Sacre bleu!

Move over Rickrollers: You just got Bilingual Trebeked!

Bilingual Trebeking Replaces Rickrolling